Posted by: poet kate hutchinson | June 9, 2015

A Post-Binary World?

yin-yang-iphone-5-wallpaper-8What a thrilling time to be alive and human! Could we really be witnessing an end to our age-old binaries, heading to a future where no one must proclaim him or herself as black or white, male or female, straight or gay, liberal or conservative, theist or atheist, abled or disabled, meat-eating or vegan, coffee or tea, Cubs or Sox, Mac or PC?

The mind reels.


Linked_Arm-in-armToday’s youth are poised to embrace each others’ individuality and all the weirdness it might entail – in the best of ways. In throwing off the need to categorize, they are simply seeing each other as Each Other. They are less and less likely to judge based upon existence alone. This hasn’t stopped them from judging – (they’re teens, after all). They’re still as snarky as teens have always been….but their snark is more rooted in people’s actions than in their simply being who they are or looking the way they look.


gender neutralBruce/Caitlyn Jenner may be pushing buttons, but how fabulous that he/she/they is not just pushing one button with one group of people. How rich the conversations have been regarding just what it is that makes a man a man or a woman a woman, and if there are other categories entirely, or shifting between categories, or no categories at all, and how one might change oneself in a way that is acceptable or authentic. Or – my favorite point of the whole argument – why anyone should even care.

The more shades of gray among us, the less we must focus on only what is black and white. The wider we throw open the doors to our own collective future as a race, the more promise we provide each other with finding paths toward unique concepts of identity, purpose, meaning, and joy. Imagine how that has begun to play out in our homes, our communities, our schools, our places of worship, our workplaces. It’s already changing – and fast.

Bring it on, I say. It’s about damn time.


through my eyes

your eyes look back

and see yourself



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