Posted by: poet kate hutchinson | January 27, 2013

Winter Haiku: Add your own!

It’s finally winter here in northern Illinois, with an icy cold snap and a thin blanket of snow.  A new season calls for fresh haiku!

Haiku are a pleasure to write and read — they allow us to focus our attention on one small thing or moment.

I would love it if readers would add some of their own in the Comment Box.   And don’t worry about the syllable counts if you don’t want to — that 5-7-5 is random anyway.


blanket of snowthe world’s white blanket

wraps around us, its warm ice

ensuring re-emergence


early morning dark

a breath-holding quiet

where thought deepens


careening on icecars on ice

our cars sashay wildly onward

eyeless but like us


black lines against gray

the swipes of a fountain pen

branches in winter


ice on pond


pond ice cracking

movement from the lurking deep

where shadows awaken



plodding through wintertree frog

we await the ebullience

of a tree frog’s croak




  1. My mind storms
    Hard cold penetrating realizations
    Melting away as time warms worry to faith

  2. The leaves have fallen.
    Stark branches as sentinels
    await the sun’s return.

  3. Love these! More, please…..

  4. forgiveness in blankets
    a dew adieu
    igloo comfort Inuit two

  5. sons of mercury falling
    feathery dust
    boots plow through to catch the bus

  6. Rob — I love all the rhymes!!

  7. frost arrow heads jutting
    quiver of gray
    bow tail snapping

  8. silver frost glowing
    moonlight cascading down bark
    evening’s dance of light

  9. ice dragon fingers reaching
    cool blue flame
    heaving frost stabbing in vain

  10. winter white drifting
    woodsman’s axe cutting true
    rings of warm ages

    • They spun out again like butter, Rob! I really like this one with the woodsman — beautiful.

  11. cold intent white sky falling
    bitter the phone call folly
    iced principal pickup lines

  12. be it walking on ice
    small pond memories
    frozen air pocket vice

  13. winter wheat sea rolling waves
    dormant spring board drift
    charted into July rain

  14. negotiating the steep hill
    grim vines reach for boots
    sledding bullets in lost moments

  15. whistling ice
    hits stinging
    scarfed for life

  16. sunlight patch walking
    blizzard snow in hand
    perfect embracing

  17. biting cold thoughts
    whispered on the wind
    find me melted

  18. thunder in the distance
    ice cave freedom vision
    held captive from the sun

  19. cold creed circling high above
    those snow days brought solitude
    messenger of love frozen

  20. Brought with warmth this sleeting rain
    winter’s grip holds it
    cycled love seeps into vein

  21. time’s comrade fallen
    snow blind miracle
    remember frozen past

  22. freehold winter abatement
    dwelling secure
    morning case dismissed
    winter’s grace loving pure
    blind for all to know

  23. land of long shadows
    pioneer creeks drink the sky
    cabin fever still

  24. full moon fixed engulfing all
    beaming herds invade
    marathon race snow like sand

  25. Thanks for all of these, Rob!! Love them! Hope to see you soon….

  26. You’re welcome, I have an adventure on my hands now that requires savvy paperwork. I have to travel a bit to avoid possible unpleasant circumstances. Caring people and new work awaits me to fund these needs and God is providing. Hope to see you soon as well and look forward to telling you of my new experiences. I’m working out my own poetic justice 😉

  27. poetic justice sought
    the author of all pens white sky
    quills from hearts stir the mind

  28. white russians standing guard
    out picketing
    red scare mittens knockoff

  29. unbearably cold outside in the dark
    how cold you ask
    politicians’ hands in their own pockets

  30. snowy union considered
    unrest a breeze
    icicles in counsel freeze

  31. oaks and maples squabbling
    February sun meager
    wisdom before the flaw
    branching out to noble
    for rest tree equalized
    by hatchet, axe and saw

  32. discourse default
    heaven’s dealing
    crystal creation sailing

  33. pining alpine ridges
    marbled white
    adamantine boundaries

  34. frost bit wine by fire
    chapters turning
    other side window learning

  35. cold self inductance
    fair a day frost
    current sea of winter
    resistance lost

  36. winter is falling
    new bud on a tree
    bold sunlight seeks me

  37. icicle drips
    warm tempo
    pooling icons

  38. white cold noise fogs over
    drifting tongues leap
    aurora lights the way

  39. lined to depths
    margin schools
    casting into darkness
    plenty of fish in play
    icy waters yield
    solemn stares net gain

  40. Rockies bring forth
    blustery jabs
    snow in April
    work on the abs

  41. The one down side of CO, huh Rob?! It’s finally 70 here today! But I’m sure we could get snow again any day. 🙂

  42. Try snow in September on for size 😉

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