Posted by: poet kate hutchinson | October 7, 2012

Autumn Haiku: It’s unavoidable!

Fall and winter are haiku seasons.  The thinning air and receding life force among the foliage just seems the right palette for short, clipped poems.

Here are a few I’ve crafted over the years in honor of this most favorite of seasons for many Northerners.  Please add more of your own!


Cool, crisp air sneaks in

tapping you on the shoulder

and winking hello


Winds whoosh whirling past

blowing chill across the land

pushing us indoors


September sweetly

sings farewell as the sun’s arc

droops lazily down


One yellow lily

stays abloom on browning stalks

defying autumn



End of summer’s warmth

nature’s final glowing gift

as we await ice


Golden afternoon

autumn’s fingerprint appears

on each maple leaf


Darkness comes early

kitchen blinds drawn by dinner

Earth closes her eyes


  1. Thought I should let you know that five of your seven Autumn Haiku have been incorporated into the Jane Addams Jr. High eighth grade poetry unit. One of the 12-15 poetry assignments (the number varies among teachers) is a haiku trio, and the instructional worksheet includes five of these, with analysis and form questions, to model the idea of writing multiple haiku on the same basic topic. One of these is also used for the haiku question on the unit test. They’re so much better than our previous models!

    • Oh my goodness! What a huge honor! I hope they inspire your kids to create wonderful poems!

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