Posted by: poet kate hutchinson | April 21, 2012

Earth Day Haiku Invitation

Happy Earth Day!  Please share some earth-centered haiku below — add as many as you like.

I recently finished a year-long “haiku-a-day” project and discovered it was the perfect antidote to a hectic life.  Each day I forced myself to sit quietly for  ten minutes and reflect upon one image that carried meaning beyond itself.  It became a meditation.

And forget that 5-7-5 requirement, which was probably started by some American teacher who interpreted the form too literally!  Haiku originated in Japan hundreds of years ago — they were written in characters that can’t be interpreted by an exact syllable count.  If you enjoy the challenge of the 5-7-5 structure, that’s fine, but some of the best haiku written in English — primarily by Jack Kerouac and Robert Hass — don’t adhere to the form.  They use 2, 3 or 4 lines and anywhere from 3 to 10 or even 12 syllables per line.

So, in honor of Earth Day, here are 3 new haiku.  Please use the “Comments” space to add your own!  Let’s celebrate the planet!

(The photo of the Grand Canyon is one I took a few years ago at a family reunion.  Anyone who’s been there knows it’s one of the most gorgeous spots on Earth!)

Spinning miracle

your greenness disappears

at our hands

Gray stones of the henge

hold ancient mysteries

entombed in cool silence

Let sunlight stream

enduring warmth

on our grateful upturned faces


  1. Pre dawn alabaster green
    icy spill of frost
    morning in breathless moments

    • I love this one, Trace!! Only you would think to do 7-5-7. 🙂

  2. Sliver of a moon
    Seems to share a smile with me
    Laughing at the day

    Val Murray

  3. Thanks, Val! I can see that moon, the one that’s lit by the rising sun just before dawn.

  4. Save the earth they say
    In this world we have to share
    Worthy words indeed

  5. Paddling my way through the field
    wheat rising like waves
    the clouds shimmer in the moonlight

  6. From dust this landed estate
    plowed words form cover
    freedom rains wash and teach us

  7. Cold titans in the current
    vetted seamlessly
    solitude reign with silence

  8. Towering vines gripping sky
    cardinals dot them
    to meet us in our life’s fray

  9. Granite splendor cropped for eyes
    distant frozen waves
    forged timeless strength beauty lies

    • Wow — I can see that you’ve discovered the haiku addiction, Rob! These are wonderful! Thanks so much for posting them. I especially like the one with the cardinals dotting the vines…. being the bird person I am. 🙂 The cardinals have been singing their little hearts out the last few days around here!

  10. Rocks pebbles sand harmony
    scattered like jazz song
    setting foot and finding time

  11. Oceans swallowing sunlight deep
    warm inner peace floats
    surface tension breaks promises

  12. Black roads pressed for the future
    lifeless rock entombed
    sacred passage remembered
    hunters from the past
    scarred earth scabs over the pain

  13. Falling shadows the sun streaks its way
    touching earth on its fade
    the weighted shade sparking its long kiss
    a cool rush wind burns through
    the horizon awaits its embrace

  14. Wow — Rob, you need to start a poetry blog!!!

  15. Cloud laden thoughts desperately high
    the red earth’s womb stirs
    mothers seeding to say goodbye

    • This one breaks my heart. For some of us, Mothers Day is really hard.

  16. society is fiction
    never came as close
    as trees standing before man

  17. dandelions creeping low
    lion’s teeth sparing
    the laughter of little feet

  18. shaped and worn by wind’s own hand
    sculpted creation
    masterpiece revealed to all

  19. Forbidden caves to inner earth
    blindness leads all here
    was Plato not a shadow off

  20. Wishing well pool a calm sight
    holding tears and dreams
    crimson coarses through the mind

  21. Majestic the sea and all that is in her
    schools of fish teeming
    she captures the moon in her eyes with glitter

  22. Earth’s gravity has no claim
    for this man of dust
    a wetted eye will remove

  23. Ten thousand suns cannot hold
    life’s treasures above
    birds of fire sing with brilliance

  24. Weeping stones cannot hold in
    cold desolation
    pressed into place hold crevice

  25. Double rainbow no juxtaposition
    partnered light
    earth’s harmony conducts without compare

  26. Exhilaration to no end
    cool Spring breeze
    renewing life with every breath

  27. To paint the sky with a cloud tipped brush
    rolling out
    day dreaming again without a stroke

  28. Green leaf ambassador of peace
    who will hear your cry
    unconditionally you give

  29. The stillness of the morning
    golden thoughts
    carry me through this mine field

  30. Half moon eclipsed by the night
    faint clouds wane
    beams like memories long gone

  31. Orchestra of green playing
    staccato notes hang
    falling to earth in dew time

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